These are the words of the Coronet of the Barony of Three Mountains. 

The Barony of Three Mountains

Three Mountains has long been a place of friendship and learning. People from all walks, jobs, religions, and beliefs call this their home. We are justly proud of the Barony’s history and strive to continue to make this village one of safety and inclusivity during our stewardship. 

It has come to our attention that hateful language and symbols have been carved into property and facilities that the SCA rents, thus jeopardizing our relationships with our community. 

To be absolutely clear, anyone discovered using or scrawling hate speech or symbols, will be asked to leave the event site instantly, along with their entire camping group. That person will then be reported to Kingdom with a recommendation that they be sanctioned and have their membership canceled. What constitutes hate speech will not be debated.

The SCA is where dreams and excellence are nurtured and there is no place here for cowards, bigots, or vandalism, let alone cowardly, bigoted, vandals.

Yours in Service,

Decimus Varius Felix, Consul, Three Mountains
Vivien NicUldoon, Baroness, Three Mountains