In the early days of Sport of Kings a large draw to the event was the ability to have one-on-one or two-on-one classes with knights of great renown. These popular ‘advisory sessions’ were an excellent chance to receive focused, short term advice in a particular skill set. As Sport of Kings grew, it became too cumbersome to continue this practice as it required many, many more class tracks.

In the hopes to tap into the popularity of this long gone offering, we are setting up The Field of Honor. This will be an opportunity for one-on-one training with knights. There will be a schedule posted on site so students can see who is available, at what time and what their specialties are. On the Field of Honor, the skill-seekers can spar with each other or with the instructor.

The Rules of the Field of Honor
1st Rule: Each student will need to limit their time with instructors to 15 min
2nd Rule: Bring your armor
3rd Rule: Ask questions
4th Rule: Bring your enthusiasm and your willingness to learn