Do you have clothes you used to love, but never wear anymore? Do your kids outgrow their garb every five minutes? Do you just need to switch up your wardrobe? Bring your old and outgrown garb to The Garb Exchange. We’ll find it a new home, and you’ll have room in your closet again. Donating to The Garb Exchange is an opportunity to help a friend, and give new life to clothes that have been collecting dust in your tourney chest. Drop off anything you would like rehomed, and find something new to you. All clean wearable items are appreciated even if they need a little mending.

Has your punishment pile taken over your sewing room? Would you like to reclaim your sewing time for projects you actually want to work on? Do you want your forlorn projects to live up to their full potential? Would you like to encourage other artisans? The Garb Exchange is also happy to take works in progress that are no longer progressing. Free up space in both your sewing room and in your brain by passing on the projects that no longer inspire or challenge you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where Can I Donate?
    • You can bring donations to the Garb Exchange from 10am – 4pm Friday and Saturday
  • I Don’t Have Anything To Donate, But I Would Love Some New Clothes.
    • We would love you to donate your time to the event if you can’t donate in kind
  • Can I Buy Something From The Garb Exchange?
    • Nope, all items are freely given to benefit our community.
  • What Can I Donate?
    • Adult garb, kids garb, garb that needs some love, garb that is still in pieces and taunting you from the punishment pile, supplies to make garb, and accessories to wear with your garb.
  • How Do You Get All Of This Stuff?
    • Awesome people clean out their closets, bring us stuff, leave with new stuff, or they drop it all off and leave cackling in delight knowing that it isn’t going home in their car.

If you have any additional questions contact
Baroness Morrghan O’Siodhachain