Here are the competition rules for the last Sport of Kings Champions competition. We hope that this gives you plenty of time to prepare for one of the season’s most competitive prize tournaments. Some facets may update between now and registration, so keep an eye out!

Entrants compete in four categories.  Each category will also have it’s own separate winner.

Franchise Their material display of noble station. Including their entourage, household livery, banners, pennants and other items that add to the medieval presentation of a great noble of the land.  Franchise judging form

Command Their ability to compose and present words that inspire and exhort. Words in praise of admired figures, or in praise of a Lady, words that bind warriors together and inspire pursuit of difficult goals (think Henry V).  Command judging form

Dedication The maintenance of the tools of their trade, their arms and armor. The complete kit, its authenticity, its repair and decoration.  Dedication judging form

Prowess Their ability in using the tools of their trade as demonstrated in competition. Unlike the common standard of separating chivalric conduct from prowess, we see it as central to prowess. Exalted is the warrior who can triumph even under difficult conditions, who gives their opponent every opportunity to compete, who accepts no unearned advantage or misjudgment on their opponent’s part.