Pre-Registration Has Closed

Pre-registration for Sport of Kings X has officially closed. If you did not get to pre-register for the event or for classes, you will be able to do so on-site when you arrive at the event.

With the closing of pre-registration, the ability to get a commemorative t-shirt becomes limited to stock on hand at the event.

For those that have completed their orders within the last 48 hours and chose PayPal as your payment option, we are committed to getting the remaining invoices out by Sunday evening, 7/15/2019.

If you have any questions about your registration that has already been submitted, please direct all questions to the registrar, HE Erika bint Sitt al-Sada at registration [AT]

Yours In Service

Sport of Kings Registration Team

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Anti-Hate Statement from the Coronet of Three Mountains

These are the words of the Coronet of the Barony of Three Mountains. 

The Barony of Three Mountains

Three Mountains has long been a place of friendship and learning. People from all walks, jobs, religions, and beliefs call this their home. We are justly proud of the Barony’s history and strive to continue to make this village one of safety and inclusivity during our stewardship. 

It has come to our attention that hateful language and symbols have been carved into property and facilities that the SCA rents, thus jeopardizing our relationships with our community. 

To be absolutely clear, anyone discovered using or scrawling hate speech or symbols, will be asked to leave the event site instantly, along with their entire camping group. That person will then be reported to Kingdom with a recommendation that they be sanctioned and have their membership canceled. What constitutes hate speech will not be debated.

The SCA is where dreams and excellence are nurtured and there is no place here for cowards, bigots, or vandalism, let alone cowardly, bigoted, vandals.

Yours in Service,

Decimus Varius Felix, Consul, Three Mountains
Vivien NicUldoon, Baroness, Three Mountains

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Class Schedule Changes

Greetings Good Gentles!

The class schedules located here have been updated on June 25, 2019. Tournaments have been added in, some class length changes have been made, as well as moving a couple of classes around.

If a class is cancelled or moved that has a large number of students already, we will include it in a post like this one, and broadcast it to Facebook as well as contact the affected students directly.

If a class you have registered for has moved, and you did not receive an email about it, and you have questions, feel free to email the webminister for more details.

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Sport of Kings Tournaments Announced

What is Sport of Kings without tournaments? This year will be no different, except there will be 6 tournaments between heavy armored combat and rapier, with an additional Cut and Thrust demonstration thrown into the mix.

Prizes have yet to be announced, but if you want to see what we have in store for you, check out our Martial Tournaments page, and prepare yourself for the gauntlet!

We hope to see you there!

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