Contests and Prizes

Field Banners

We encourage everyone with a banner to place it on the designated side of the warfield for display throughout the event. The banners must be on poles at least 6 feet high, be securely set with a portable hole or similar contrivance and not present a tripping hazard.

To enter this contest, please sign up at volunteer point. They will direct you to where your banner can be placed.

The Prize is a large slate frame made and donated by the Honorable Ayla Roth.

The Command of a Noble

Key to being a good king, knight or commander is the ability to arouse emotion through word and deed. Often in the SCA we have opportunities on the tournament field, the war field and elsewhere to inspire through deeds, but this event will focus on the ability of words to inspire. Interested parties will be provided a venue and audience to display their ability to inspire attendees with a three minute (or shorter) speech or performance related to the subjects of chivalry and chivalric virtue. The entrant must do each of the following:

● Present a 3 minute personally prepared piece to be presented at a social gathering: such as words of praise, poetry or a tale of deeds.

● Give a short speech aimed to inspire a group to action.

Please Note: the piece does not have to be original: It can be an extant piece of prose, poetry, etc.

To enter this competition you must present yourself to the MC at the Eric Friday night when the torches are lit.

The prize is a hand painted 9ft banner created and donated by The Summits.

The Franchise of a Noble House

A breakfast will be hosted by the judges of the Grand Champion competition, everyone is encouraged to attend. Attendees of the breakfast are expected to dress and conduct themselves appropriately to their station in a celebration of chivalry and the chivalric virtue of Franchise. Discussions will be encouraged throughout the breakfast, especially around the nature of Franchise, the frank and noble bearing associated with observance of the Code of Chivalry.

To enter this competition, you must sign up for the Saturday “class” time slot. This can be done during online pre-registration OR at on-site registration if there are still seats available

The prize is a hand painted 9ft banner created and donated by The Summits.

A Warriors Dedication

A Noble warriors kit is made and maintained with skill, care and dedication. The ideal includes a dedication to reproducing, perfecting and maintaining the arms and armor that are the tools of the trade. Just as in the middle-ages the warrior was not likely the armorer, it is not necessary that the warrior’s kit be self-constructed for this competition.

To enter this competition, enter the Grand Champion Tournament. All entrants will be evaluated during armor inspection. Entrants who pass the first round will be questioned by the judges during a break in the fighting.

The prize is a hand painted 9ft banner created and donated by The Summits.

Grand Tournament

This tournament will be an Atlantean speed tourney with 5 fights each running through 8 Erics.

The top 16 will be split into 4 groups for round robin on 4 Erics.

The top 4 will go to the semi finals for best 2 of 3.

The finals will be the best 2 of 3.

The Prize is a Sword created and donated by MoD Armand deCastille.

Rapier Tournament

This tournament will be a Masters Format: Round-robin cycling through off-hand, dagger, cloak, baton, open hand & Buckler.”

The Prize is a cloak created and donated by Master Francis Darcy.

The Grand Championship

The Grand Champion competition is the combination of 4 different contests: The Franchise of a Noble House, The Command of a Noble, The Grand Tournament & A Warriors Dedication. The winner is the person with the highest cumulative points from all 4 of the listed competitions.

The Prize is a champion’s cloak with this years Sport of Kings art.