Contests & Prizes (2015)

Behold the Competitions of Sport of Kings. The glory of the field of honor requires the best of all of the good gentles of the Society. Here below find competitions for all to strive for.


  • Grand Champion: Entrants compete in all 4 categories below (each category also has it’s own winner)
  • Franchise Winner: Embodying the concept of the Ideal Noble Warrior
  • Command Winner: A Commanding Presence on the Field
  • Dedication Winner: A dedication to reproducing, perfecting and maintaining the arms and armor that are the tools of the trade
  • Prowess Winner: Victory alone is not enough: respect, control, restraint, adaptability and showmanship are all of value
  • Grand Tourney Winner
  • Chivalry Winner: Behavior on and off the field as observed by selected observers throughout the event.
  • Most Chivalric Squire: Behavior on and off the field as observed by selected observers throughout the event.
  • Torchlight Tournament Winner


  • Most Marvelous Marshall: Who best exemplifies the qualities of an effective Marshal as reported by the other marshals, fighters and lists.
  • Most Inspirational Inspiration: To the one whom best exemplifies the role of an inspiration on the field at the main tournament.
  • Most Heroic Heralding: To the best-spoken herald on the field.
  • Most Wondrous Water bearer: The most dedicated water bearer at the main tournament
  • Best Banner: Please bring all banners to the field at the beginning of the Grand Tournament, they will be judged on overall appearance, authenticity and technical skills demonstrated.


  • Youth Combat tourney winner


We have a wonderful set of prizes donated this year, including the following:

  • Hand-made cloak
  • A-Frame Tent
  • Torch
  • Shield
  • Belts
  • Card Weaving
  • Armor Repair Kit
  • Hand-made Banner
  • Rawhide Sword
  • Tunic
  • Wooden Book
  • Bead Necklace
  • Hand-made Bag
  • Hood
  • Gift Certificate

Past prizes have included:

  • A length of hand woven woolen cloth made by Baroness Elfreda
  • A period Geteld made by HL Squire Tai Tjorkillsdottir
  • Another period Geteld made by HL Squire Tai Tjorkillsdottir, frame by Squire Boketai
  • A handcarved chest in the norse style by Master Alfric Rolfsson
  • Naalbind mittens by Mistress Isrith
  • Lampwork necklace by HL Rafny Garansdottir
  • Leather belt and pouch with cast bronze fittings by Master Sir Torfin Torgulson
  • Hand blown glass by Mistress Leah bat Yehiel
  • A hand painted Norman shield by HL Randall the Redoubtable
  • An embroidered woolen hood by Mistress Svava

If you would like to donate a handcrafted object, please e-mail