Questions and answers.

Must I pre-register?

This is not a closed event. It is not necessary to pre-register to attend and participate in non-class activities. Pre-registration is primarily to manage classes and determine t-shirt production. It seemed natural to also allow site prepayment so pre-registered folks could spend less time at gate as they arrive. You will be added to class lists on receipt of check and registration form with class choices listed.

What do class costs cover?

Any materials handed out, instructor care and feeding. Class cost is $10.00 per student for the event.

Should I take armor to fighting classes?

Fighting class descriptions specify the instructors expectation regarding armor classes specifications. Expect to spend most of the day in armor.

Is there camping on site?

Yes, this is a camping event. We do not have the use of showers. There are 2 permanent toilet structures on site.

I have a pickup/camper and utility trailer. Is there room behind pavilions for that?

Camping vehicles on the lawn are not permitted under ANY circumstances. Please contact the campmaster for RV camping information.