Sport of Kings 2013 Art

I am HL Marike Sigrunasdotter (mka Dena Morford) I was honored with being chosen as the designer of the 2013 Sport of Kings Tee Shirts.

I am very fortunate to come from three generations of artists so being creative has always been promoted in my family. My grandfather was a cartoonist, grandma was a costumer for The Donald O’ Conner show. My Aunt and Uncle are both famous artists and cinematographers. My older sister is an amazing artist and worked in the industry as a costumer for many years. My mother was an incredible modern artist and published poet. My son designs logos and is a graphic artist. And then there’s me.

  I entered my first art contest when I was 12 years old in 1980 at the Las Vegas NV Jaycees State Fair I won first in my category. I did a pastel of a bald eagle. And I won judges choice of show. This was the start of my artistic journey. I lived in Las Vegas until I was 12. By the time I was 15, I was living in Central British Columbia on a large cattle ranch. I was designing logos and drawing comic strips for local magazines and selling my paintings. I did a lot of 3d (map) sculpture that was displayed in the local museum. When I was 19 I moved to WA State and I assisted in creating a series of local comic books and started displaying my artwork in comic stores. At 21, I decided to go to the Art Institute and get a degree in Communications, design and illustration. I was hired out of school to start working for a Chicago based company called J.A. Dedouch. I custom airbrushed photo realistic portraits on porcelain for memorials. I have painted over 10 thousand miniature portraits during the time that I worked there. During time at Dedo, I designed logos and CD covers and continued to paint and sell my own illustration work on the side and displayed it in several Seattle clubs and coffee shops. I also worked on a few movies as a makeup artist. I work in most types of mediums, Airbrush, Oil, Acrylic, Colored pencil ,marker, ink. I make all of my own varnishes and egg tempura. In 2000, I started working for a Seattle based company as a graphic designer and worked on designing awards for several companies such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Seahawks, Mariners, World wrestling federation etc, I also designed buttons and logos that went to Japan, Europe and Australia. Besides being a graphic designer I work with leather carving (20 plus years) I learned how to tool leather when I was 15 by a custom saddle maker that worked for my family as a cowhand up in Canada. I also learned how to do forge-work as my step father was a blacksmith.

  In the SCA I have designed 7 different tee shirts for various events since 2009. SoK will be my 8th. I love historical costuming (migration era, viking and Persian) I have repositioned my creativity in a different direction over the years and now most exclusively work in fiber arts and lamp working. I have had my beads in two dark ages museum displays in the past 2 years and continue to sell my necklaces and beads nationally. I have been told that my work portrays emotion. This is very gratifying to me as it has always been my life long passion to be able to create “something” and have another be able to look at it and “feel” what I was feeling when I made it. That is the ultimate gratification to me and definition of being successful.