This is part of the Grand Championship as well as a separate competition.


A commanding presence is as needful as prowess upon the field. The entrant must do each of the following:

  • Present a 5 minute personally prepared spoken piece that might be presented during a feast, such as words of praise, poetry or a tale of deeds.
  • Participate in impromptu discourse on a subject presented by the judges. The chosen topic must not depend upon specific expertise.
  • Give a short speech aimed to inspire a group to action.

Competitors will be judged based on:

A Charismatic presence that draws others together

Motivates people to work together by creating a vision of appealing and worthy goals.

Speaks clearly with volume and passion.

Communicates ideas concisely.

Speaks or writes in a fashion appropriate to the occasion and topic.

Materials written or of the oral tradition they create to entertain display culture & period appropriate style, word choice and concepts.

Other acts the judges find pleasing or displeasing that are otherwise not covered.