Embodying the concept of the Ideal Noble Warrior

This is part of the Grand Championship as well as a separate competition.

Franchise judging form

Competitors will be judged on the following criteria:

Retainers are active, show their Lord/Lady deference and wear the insignia of affiliation (livery, badges, matched accessories/accoutrements)

The Lord or Lady is clothed in culture/era appropriate for the camp and persona with depth and detail in accessories.

The Lord or Lady appears comfortable with their station. This can be expressed in mannerism and in comfort of display of insignia of achievement, such as, medallions, circlets, chapeaus, etc. They can be humble while displaying their station.

The Lord or Lady is gracious to those of equal or lower station and deferential to those of higher station.

Other acts the judges find pleasing or displeasing that are otherwise not covered.