This is part of the Grand Championship as well as a separate competition.

Prowess judging form

To gain Prowess, victory alone is not enough: respect, control, restraint, adaptability and showmanship are all of value. Every moment a fighter is on the list field, their actions matter.
Exalted is the warrior who can triumph even under difficult conditions, who gives their opponent every opportunity to compete, who accepts no unearned advantage or misjudgment on their opponent’s part.

Competitors will be judged on the following criteria:

General respect to their consort, the officials, the Thrones, the gallery and opponent.

Controlled temperament throughout their time on the field.

Words when spoken are spoken at appropriate times: For example, not calling for holds or expecting combat to stop to discuss exchanges.

The ability to decide the blow received should be taken without discussion.

Unwillingness to let their opponent count a blow which one knows was thrown poorly.

Giving up limbs to even the match.

Not giving an opponent a lost limb back: Rather they should give up their own to level a match.

Not taking back a lost limb at their opponent’s behest.

Ferocity with control.

A pleasing aesthetic to their fighting style.

Adaptability: Fighting with different weapons and against a variety of opponent styles.

Good showmanship: playing to the crowd with restraint. Those who play the clown, and do so at length, show little respect even if well received by the crowd.

Other acts the judges find pleasing or displeasing that are otherwise not covered.