Helpful Hints from Jarl Ulfred

A few words from Jarl Ulfred for those new to Sport of Kings regarding scheduling classes:

  • Many students have told us after prior years that they had over scheduled their weekend. They get so overwhelmed by information that they cannot apply much of what they were shown. This is particularly true when taking purely combat related classes. With these classes an additional difficulty is pure exhaustion.
  • The staff has noticed a pattern of increased no-shows for classes on the second day and afternoon classes. We do not schedule in breaks or class transition time in our schedule. If you book many back-to-back classes it becomes a very grueling (but exciting) experience.
  • Also, make some preparations and have snack foods and water with you during the day.
  • There is a tendency to be the proverbial kid in a candy shop when registering. Fight the tendency, and also think about targeting diversity in the classes you schedule.