Instructor interviews

Interviews with the Instructors

Every other August, some of the greatest fighters in the Knowne World come to the Barony of Three Mountains to teach a variety of combat-related classes at Sport of Kings: Academy of Armored Combat.

Periodically we will add an interview with another Sport of Kings instructor.

Previous interviews:

Stay tuned for more intriguing interviews with some of your favorite fighters!

Interviews by Qada’an Nachin (MKA Jess Hartley)

Qada’an Nachin is a native An Tirian, no matter where her yurt may rest. She’s an avid scribe, herald and bardic performer.

Jess Hartley has the good fortune to work as a novelist, writer, and freelance writer/editor/developer in the RPG industry. She dwells in Arizona with her family and a menagerie of other interesting creatures, and participates in a plethora of strange and curious hobbies and pastimes which leave her relatives and neighbors scratching their head in wonder. For more information, check or write her at