Instructor Interview: Sir Mari Alexander


This week we had the opportunity to talk with the multi talented Sir Mari Alexander: Knight, Laurel, Pelican, Duchess of the West and Viscountess of Cynagua

SoK: Sir Mari, how long have you been in the SCA?
Sir Mari: Since July 1983

SoK: How were you introduced to the SCA?
Sir Mari: I found it at a “Ren Faire” in Grants Pass Oregon- the SCA had a small contingent of fighters to add color. I was fascinated and knew I had found my people!

SoK: What is it that keeps you coming back?
Sir Mari: I was hooked by the people and the friendships I have developed around the world is what keeps me coming back.

SoK: What kingdoms have you lived and fought in?
Sir Mari: I have lived very briefly in AnTir and since 1985 I have lived in the West. I have fought primarily in the Kingdoms of Western Alliance, including Lochac.

SoK: How long have you been fighting?
Sir Mari: I have been fighting off and on since 1991

SoK: What is your weapon combination of choice?
Sir Mari: Sword and shield

SoK: What are your greatest fighting related accomplishments?
Sir Mari: Providing inspiration for those who never thought they could, to come out and do.

SoK: Do you consider yourself primarily a tourney or war fighter?
Sir Mari: I am a tourney fighter. I suffer wars because my friends are all out on the field.

SoK: In what ways do you promote the art of SCA fighting?
Sir Mari: For three years I ran “Knights Errant”- This was a program where the Knights of the West would visits the far shires of our Kingdom choosing a different one each month. We would generally have a fighter practice with the locals, do a bit of formalized teaching and then eat BBQ- because food bonds fighters even more than pain.
Sir Gemini and I often are asked to travel and teach in other Kingdom, which we do happily. I also promote our DVD “Oplomachia” because it has many concepts that take hours of instruction, but can be watched over and over without us repeating ourselves.

SoK: What advice do you have for new fighters?
Sir Mari: Invest in armor that fits you. Your armor should never hurt you more than your opponent.

SoK: Can you talk a little bit about your non-fighting related activities in the SCA?
Sir Mari: I am a sewing laurel. I specialize in “sewing for mutants”. As fighters are notorious for our odd body shape and movement, I have a ready and endless supply of appropriate subject. I have focused on German 1480-1530 clothing and am now finding great appreciation in learning about the “soft kit” of armor and how it relates to the metal worn.

We’d like to extend our thanks to Sir Mari for taking the time to talk with us. We look forward to seeing her at this summer’s Sport of Kings event.

HL Vivien NicUldoon
Staff Writer & Editor, Sport of Kings