Instructor Interview: Maîtresse Katrine de Saint Briuec

Ask Maîtresse Katrine de Saint Briuec her views on the Society, and she may well compare it to a village.  “You need to stop in the town square, look up and down the roads and alleys for what is hiding in there and then find a way to be of some use to the people, hopefully in a way that fulfills you best.”  For many years – first informally, and then in increasingly more organized and advanced fashions – Maîtresse Katrine has shared her research and knowledge with other members of the Society, constantly finding new ways to “be of use” to our village. A self-proclaimed “library junkie”, Maîtresse Katrine spends a great deal of time reading and categorizing her research, sharing her discoveries with others both in person and through virtual means. She considers it a privilege to be a “conduit for knowledge,” and it is Sport of Kings’ grateful privilege to give her the opportunity to share that knowledge with its attendees.

Katrine, a Companion of the Laurel, joined the Society at Ursalmas during the reign of King Ulfred (AS XVII), where she knew within her first hour that she had found her “people”. She began teaching classes in the Barony of Blatha An Oir, and finds that the preparation for teaching classes helps her focus on and make new discoveries about the material. She now resides within the Barony of Three Mountains, although her homelands are very close to the Principality of the Summits and the Barony of Terra Pomeria.

Katrine became fascinated with costume history at an early age. At around 8 years old, she began studying H.H. Hansen illustrations in her family’s encyclopedia, and she’s been studying and reading everything she could find on the topic ever since. Over the years, she’s lent her skills with foreign languages to other researchers, aiding in text translations of original documents to increase the available information on the subject in English. She is a great fan of collaboration in research, utilizing the modern technology and communication to aid in the spread of information on ancient topics.

An expert instructor whose topics range from dress to dance, Maîtresse Katrine will be teaching two courses at this year’s Sport of Kings. The first focuses on the “clothing and accessories of the women associated with the landsknecht in 16th century Germany”, and the second on “clothing and textiles in the world of the 12th century Crusader”. She has been collecting information on these time periods for many years, and loves sharing it with others, so attendees are encouraged to sign up early for these entertaining and informative class sessions.

Katrine de Saint Brieuc is a 12th century Breton noblewoman who makes her home at the Belle Assize, outside the town of Saint Brieuc. After her husband was mysteriously lost while on crusade, Katrine returned home to their manor, where her days are kept busy with attending to the manor’s production of fine linen, and protecting her lands and monies from the predation of local Bishops and lords who (foolishly) think her easy prey in her lord’s absence.

Katrine’s device is “Sable, three Catherine wheels and on a chief embattled Or, a ferret passant sable.” Her motto is “Mustela bona angustiae inventa.”