Non-Combat Classes

Class Title



Yoga for Fighters

This is a yoga class tailored to the needs of SCA fighters. Emphasis placed on injury prevention, strength, and some mindfullness. 


Thai massage for fighters (and friends)

This class will feature a seated and lying “thai yoga” massage tailored to the needs of SCA armored fighters. Working in pairs, we’ll explore partner stretching and basic deep tissue work to unkink muscles in the back, hips, shoulders arms and hands. We’ll do 50 minutes giving, 50 minutes receiving. No partner needed, we can pair you off with someone. Please bring a blanket. This is best out of armor, in clothes you can move in without exposing TOO much anatomy. 


Favors to Inspire

A discussion of favors in context with the glory of the tournament. I’d like to examine the ways in which the gifting of favors has been adopted by the SCA and the meanings we give to them. Finally I plan to discuss ideas and methods of making period and persona appropriate favors to give to one’s consort. 


Beginning Fingerloop Braiding

Come learn fingerloop braiding. This is a medieval technique for making cords. Fun, and easy to pick up, this is suitable for many uses (from garters to lacing cords to ties for a gambeson!). This class will cover some 3 of the basic braids.

Idonia Sherwood

Advanced Fingerloop Braiding

Come learn more complex braids! We will be looking at more complex braids to make larger (and sometimes fancier) braids. Again – this is a perfect technique for making ties, drawstrings etc.

Idonia Sherwood

Conditioning for swordplay

This course provides the participant with an intensive introduction to core fitness essentials and training concepts that can be used to increase performance in swordplay. Participants will also receive an understanding on how to best include fitness conditioning routines into their practice/class times.

Topics covered will include an overview of the internal workings of the human body, training concepts, major areas of focus, how to perform fitness evaluations, creating a fitness regimen, and a sampling of drills/exercises.

Come prepared for a workout! This is a very active class and each participant will be challenged to push beyond their perceived physical “limits”, and leave feeling refreshed and energized. 

Ramon Diaz de la Vega

Beginning Court Heraldry

Learn the joys ond foibles of being the voice behind the crown in this introductory class on voice heraldry. No experience nesecary,

Lissette De La Rose

Waterbearing 101 – The care and feeding of your fighter

What consorts can do to support their fighters hydration and health on the field. This class will teach basic signs of dehydration as well as a break down of items to pack to support a single fighter, small group, or an army.

Lissette De La Rose

Turn shoe over view Q/A

This class includes an overview and Q/A on medieval tun shoes.

Octar Wolfkiller 

Constructing Viking Age Pleated Pants

This class will provide an overview the cut and construction of pants that may have existed during the Viking Age. We’ll review pre-Viking Age finds, such as the Thorsberg trousers and the Viking Age pleated pants found at Haithabu. We will also touch on leg and foot coverings. The handout includes directions for constructing your own pair of pleated pants.

Meistara Reginleif in hárfagra, OL

How to be the Royal Tailor

It is the Royal Tailor’s job to coordinate the creation of clothing that helps our Crown to feel and look the part of royalty. This class will teach you what to consider before you agree to take the job, questions to ask during your initial consultation with the Crown, and tips and techniques for organizing and managing the work flow of the team of tailors needed for success. 

Meistara Reginleif in hárfagra, OL

Persona Development

This class is designed to help you get started with your persona or up your game and enhance your current persona. Your handout guides you through a series of questions that builds the complexity of who you plan to be.

Dame Muireann inghean ui Mhuirneachain

Basic Marshaling

From the fundamentals of what a marshal’s role is, through the basics of armor and weapon inspection, and the physical and personal dynamics of managing fighters on the field. The class is primarily focused on armored tournaments, but also includes some information about wars and rapier activities. (Eligible for Ithra credit.) 

Althaia filia Lazari

Advanced Marshaling

Intended for marshals who have some experience, and now want to learn more. How to authorize new fighters, and strategies to obtain cooperation from the more experienced ones. How to be an effective Marshal in Charge, and the responsibilities of a Branch Marshal. What reports are required and how to properly complete them. (Eligible for Ithra credit.) 

Althaia filia Lazari

Introduction to the SCA

An overview of the history, structure, and customs of our community: How the SCA started and has grown. The intersection of modern rules and medieval role playing. Branches and households. Rank, awards, regalia, and forms of address. Etiquette, basic camping tips, heraldic display, persona development, and more. Activities you can participate in throughout the year. Where to find out more. (Eligible for Ithra credit.) 

Althaia filia Lazari

Speed Warping for Tablet Weaving

Cut down your warp time from 2 hours to 10 minutes. Please bring your own inkle loom, or warping board, 20 cards, and 4 balls/cones of yarn/fiber in 2 colors, (for example 2 black and 2 white). 

Drifa in Rauða

Beginning Tablet Weaving

This is your basic tablet weaving class, learn a few patterns, figure out if you like it before investing, or learn how to weave on your own loom. Can be combined with the Speed Warp class if you want.

Drifa in Rauða

Chivalric Virtues

Lecture and discussion of the Chivalric Virtues including Llull and de Charny, their applicability and practice in the SCA and modern life. No prior familiarity with the subject is necessary.

Sir Justin de Leon

The Art of Being an Everyday Consort 

This class is not about reigning, but rather about approaches to helping your consort have a good day fighting. This is a hands-on-course, please bring note taking materials, and wear clothes you can move about it. You don’t need to have any experience being a consort, nor do you need to bring one to class. This course is a broad overview, we’ll cover, at least briefly, everything from combat appreciation to fighter nutrition. 

Meistara Kaðlin in Stórráða

Virtue Round Table: the Virtues and Qualities of Renown.

What, exactly, is Reknown? Why is it important on the path to knighthood? Come and speak with others about the meaning of Reknown, its historical context in chivalric ideology, and what it means to us in the SCA today. Why is it important in chivalric literature and how do we apply it today? What aspects of Reknown are subject to interpretation? Are there aspects that are not?

Please come, share your views & thoughts, and speak with others about the meaning of Reknown, it’s historical context in chivalric ideology, and what it means to us in the SCA today. All are welcome.

Duchess Etaine du Pommier

Knights and Heroes: Resolving the Viking Warrior Ethic with Chivalric Ideology

The ideology of Chivalry is a late-period construct, yet many of our personas are not. How does one reconcile the SCA chivalric code of conduct with an accurate portrayal of a viking warrior? What does it mean to be a “Viking Knight?” We will explore the similarities and differences between early period viking warrior ethos and the late medieval concept of knight, and how they do (and don’t) apply to the SCA-centric concept of knight. This is a discussion-based class, and you need not be a fighter to attend.

Duchess Etaine du Pommier

Lists 101: Introduction to Lists

This class will cover how to run lists for a tournament of any size, from a backyard tourney with a handful of fighters to an An Tir Crown tournament. Time permitting, we’ll also practice running a mock tournament. The handout includes reference materials and blank lists sheets. Especially recommended for new lists officers, but appropriate for anyone who wants a glimpse behind the scenes.

Alessandra da Montefeltro

Lists 102: From Paper to Practical

This class will be a session to discuss your questions and concerns about various tourney formats or situations you have encountered.

Following class (but after dinner) those interested will have a chance to put your Lists 101 training to work and help run the Grand Tourney.

Alessandra da Montefeltro

Silk Banners for Beginners

A beginners course for how to design and make a silk banner from start to finish. *We may not finish on site, but I will show you how. This will be done in 2 class sessions, 2 hours each- please plan to attend BOTH. 

Ana de la Sara