Autocrat/Site  To email, click the persons name
Head Autocrat Baroness Khalja Khorkhoi
Contingency Deputy  not filled at this time
Site Liaison Sir Olin Ulfredsson
Event Visionary Jarl Ulfred Draumfjallr
Camping and Site Logistics  
Land Coordinator Dagmar Thorfinrsdottir
RV Camp Master Duncan Vitrarius
Accessibility Services Liaison Duchess Zanobia Fiorentini
Royal Liaison  
Royal Liaison Mistress Ula Brennasdottir
Fighting Class Coordinator Sir Olin Ulfredsson
Rapier Fighting Class Coordinators Master Luciano Foscari
Thomas O’Malley
Talbot of Three Mountains
Non-fighting Class Coordinator Mistress Roana Aldinoch
Tournament Coordinator Sir Matheus Bane
Grand Champion Tournament Coordinator  
Prize Coordinator Mistress Gulenay Khazari
  Sir Rauokinn Starradottir, OP
Tournament Support
Lists Mistress Ysolt Tayler of WindHill
Marshal In Charge  
Field Herald In-Charge  Countess Aryana Silknfyre
Market Steward Viscountess Alina of Folkstone, OP
Social Media Coordinator Mistress Penelope Violette
Site Handout Lord Sigivald Garansson
Class Registrar Baroness Erika the Dragon’s Mistress
PayPal & Pre-Registration SME  
Ambience & Revels  
List Field Ambience Baroness Kateline MacFarlane
Revel Food HL Angela Rosa Della Mora
Herald In Charge Baroness Kateline MacFarlane
T-shirt Distribution and Ordering Baroness Angelika al-Mediniya
T-shirt Design Sterling Draugur
The Virgin Countess  
Executive Chef Ducessa Hlutwige Wolfkiller
Volunteer Coordinator Baroness Dafne Fraser
Water Bearing Coordinator Jan Tasi
Debbie Raber
 Armor Exchange Coordinator  
 Garb Exchange Coordinator Baroness Morrghan O’Siodhachain
Web Team  
Webmaster Baron Sebastiaen ‘Sable’ desRoseaux