2013 Registration

Pre-registration is not required to attend the event, only to reserve your class space or order your t-shirt. If you are a first-time SoK attendee, be sure to read Jarl Ulfred’s helpful hints.

Pre-registration is closed. You can sign up for class spots on site at the event.

Pre-registration places a temporary hold on your position in class, but you are not consider registered until your check has been received and processed. A check or money order in US funds must be received no later than August 8, 2013 for the correct pre-registration fee. Make checks and money orders payable to: “SCA Inc., Barony of Three Mountains”. If you are providing payment for more than one persons, include a list with the name of each person and the amount of their pre-registration fee. Only send money for those who have completed a preregistration form.

Mail Forms & Fees To:
Sport of Kings
c/o Barony of Three Mountains, SCA Inc.
PO Box 8735
Portland, OR 97201