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Actions on the Blade in Italian Rapier

Actions on the blade are movements that deviate or deflect the opposing sword during the attack. This class will look at various actions on the blade described in the various manuals and applicable to SCA rapier combat.

Magnifico Luciano Foscari

Fighting is Fighting is Fighting

A discussion on how to utilize the knowledge of both Rapier and hard suit fighting techniques in any one on one combat situation.

Timmur KSCA, MOD

Effective Use of the Dagger

This class is intended to impart a greater understanding on the use of the sword, with the dagger in the off hand, as well as to provide you with tools (i.e. drills) to further improve your skill after the class has completed. We will start with an overview of the different methods of use from the perspective of the Italian, Spanish and English styles of sword play, with a slight emphasis towards the Italian.

HL Ramon Diaz de la Vega

Spada e Cappa (Sword & Cape of the Italian Masters)

While it can be said that the techniques of using a sword in concert with a cloak, or cape, as a secondary defensive item is “..not of the “True Art..” (diGrassi:1570), it can also be seen that many of the historical writings on the use of the sword tend to provide some manner of advice or instruction on this commonly worn item. The writings dealing with the use of a cape or cloak appear to be primarily of the Italian persuasion, based on the works of men such as Antonio Manciolino (1531), Marozzo, Agrippa, diGrassi, Fabris, Alfieri, Quintino, and even as late as Domenico Angelo’s work of 1763. Class content will focus on the fundamental basics of Sword and Cape techniques of the Italian tradition, based on translations, research and study with pre-eminent scholar Jherek Swanger, with a particular focus on the writings of diGrassi, Fabris, Capo Ferro and Camilllo Agrippa. Fight to live, fight to win; fight to look damn good in a cloak.

HL Ramon Diaz de la Vega

Introduction to Bolognese Swordplay: The Progression of Giovanni dall’Agocchie)

Introduction to Bolognese Swordplay. Basic Bolognese guards will be taught in order to work through the 11 step progression written by Giovanni dall’Agocchie.

Monseigner Chrestien de Valois

The Basics of Movement and Angles in Rapier Combat

A introductory or refresher course on the use of lateral motion, how to use it both offensively and defensively to your advantage.

Kian O’Ruadhri

Italian Longsword Technique

Come explore the longsword techniques of the 14th century master, Fiore dei Liberi. We will go over a sampling of Italian longsword combat techniques from Fiore’s “Flower of Battle”. Applicable to C&T combat.

Thomas O’Malley

Dagger Basics

How to start getting more out of a dagger in rapier combat, including parries and setting traps for your opponent.

Kian O’Ruadhri