2013 Fighting Class List

The growing list of fighting classes for Sport of Kings 2013

Instructor Class
Al Sayyid Azizah Bint Rustam & Sir Octamasades Transition from Youth to Adult Combat
Count Gemini de Grendelus Dueling Spear – 7ft and shorter
Count Gemini de Grendelus Introduction to the Sword!
Count Gemini de Grendelus Shield Manipulation
Count Gemini de Grendelus Youth Combat Basic
Don Talentus del Albero Boot Camp Training Methods
Duchess Mari Alexander Power Generation for Smaller Stature
Duke Duncan Ross Angles & Levels
Duke Duncan Ross Training Your Fighting Students Like A Sport
Duke Gunthar Jonsson Boxer Style
Duke Gunthar Jonsson Single Sword
Duke Havordh Aettarbani How The Large Shield Effects Your Offense
Duke Havordh Aettarbani How to Kill The Sinister
Duke Owain Ap Einar Sports Psychology for Combat Athletes
Duke Paul of Bellatrix Perception, Movement & Training
Duke Paul of Bellatrix Women Fighters and Their Trainers
Duke Paul of Bellatrix Bellatrix Technique in An Tir
Duke Paul of Bellatrix Fundamental Techniques
Duke Paul of Bellatrix Great Weapons
Duke Sean Kirkpatrick of Tarragon Stick Mechanics
Duke Sean Kirkpatrick of Tarragon The Importance of Recovery
Duke Skapti Thorinson Understanding the Fighter and Fighting Philosophy
Duke Steingrim Stallari Beginning Heater Shield
Duke Steingrim Stallari Intermediate Heater Shield
Duke Thorfinn Magnusson & Viscount Brand McClellan Individual Technique for Tournament Melee
Duke Ulfr Bloodfoot Counter Attack Drills
Duke Ulfr Bloodfoot Foot Work Drills
Duke Ulfr Bloodfoot Youth Footwork Drills
Duke Ulstead the Unsteady The Mental Fight: How to crush your opponent without swinging a sword
Duke Ulsted the Unsteady Shot Mechanics
Duke Ulsted the Unsteady Watching the Fight: Is he a Rhino or What?
Master Korwyn Ariannaid Avoiding the “Posing in Stance” trap
Master Korwyn Ariannaid Reverse Engineering a shot
Sheriff Sir Dublin O’Guinn The Mace as Chosen Weapon
Sir Duncan Mackinnon Close Combat
Sir Duncan Mackinnon Heater Shield
Sir Garan Steingrimson A comprehensive approach to Crown tournament preparation
Sir Godric ap Rhys Examples of fighting styles from the Known World
Sir Godric ap Rhys Incorporating movement into your fighting style
Sir Heilyn de Hywater Strategy and Tactics in Tournament Fighting
Sir Lachlean Maclean Footwork
Sir Lachlean Maclean Power Generation
Sir Martin le Harpur Tai Chi for Fighters
Sir Octamasades Art of Becoming
Sir Octamasades Practical Application of Movement for Intermediate
Sir Olin Ulfredsson Close Fighting
Sir Timothy Ap Caradoc Visualization, Targeting and a Common Language
Viscount Abu Nur Rustam ibn Abdallah Advanced Circle Sword
Viscount Abu Nur Rustam ibn Abdallah Application of Circle Sword
Viscount Abu Nur Rustam ibn Abdallah Beginning Circle Sword
Viscount Beringar von Rudesheim Yoga for fighters
Viscount Brion Bellatrix Application of Double & Single Sword (armored)
Viscount Brion Bellatrix Principles of Double & Single Sword (unarmored)
Viscount Donnan the Trueheart Fighting in Three Dimensions
Viscount Durin Oldenmoor Advanced Defensive Theory
Viscount Durin Oldenmoor Basic Shield Dynamics