2013 Non-Fighting Class List

Instructor Class Description
Sir Einar Knuteson Beginning Marshaling An introduction to tournament marshaling in An Tir, taught by the new Kingdom Earl Marshal.
Sir Gõcauo Ramiriç Survey of Middle Eastern Armor A basic overview of defense armor in the middle east and how to apply them to SCA combat to improve your kit.
Sif Gõcauo Ramiriç Survey of Men’s Middle Eastern Garb Will discuss clothing from the inside out, commonalities and some regional variations; this includes head wear and how to wrap a turban, participants can bring a 5 yd length of black or white fabric (I prefer cotton gauze). If time permits we can discuss accessories.
Honorable Lady Magdalena del Albero TBI Awareness for Fighters, Marshals, and Family Members Have you ever left the Warfield feeling dazed and somewhat out-of-it and noticed that you had a bad headache and felt like you were moving through water or were dizzy? Or have you ever tried to talk to a friend/loved one after fighting and noticed that they were “just not quite right?” Or what about watching a fighter on the side lines of a battle remove his helmet to vomit and “rest” for a few minutes only to return to the battle 30 minutes later? These are all possible examples of someone with a TBI. Knowing what to look for and when to take action are critical to staying in the fight for the long term of a fighter’s career. This class is designed to help prevent long-term injury and prolong a fighter’s career through better awareness and proactive steps after a TBI.
Honorable Lady Sexburga the Brewster Rectangular construction method of dressing your fighter Rectangular construction is arguably a period as well as efficient, use of fabric, that lends itself easily to dressing your fighter. Using basic principles, we will draft patterns and mock-ups that can be used to make fight tunics, gambesons, fight pants and even arming caps/coifs.
We will cover measuring, fabrics, battings, and closures in the 1st part of class, as well as draft our first patterns, from which we will make a mock up. Homework will consist of taking this back to camp and fitting it to your fighter. The 2nd part of class will include all the finessing of your patterns via your mock ups, as well as coving the needed info for completing your garments after you get home.
Pattern construction paper and handouts provided, students please bring pens/pencils, permanent markers, a few old sheets you don’t mind cutting up, and a basic sewing kit (consisting of scissors, thread, needles, pins, and measuring tape). You will also need to bring some basic measurements for your fighter with you for the first class. Some sewing experience required.
Katrine de Saint Brieuc 12th century German Clothing
Katrine de Saint Brieuc 16th century German Clothing
Viscountess Meagan Windemere of Oakwood Fighter Pants Basic fighter pants. Does your crotch rip out when you lunge? Are you wearing jeans or sweats? Do you need to cover plastic legs with something less modern? Do your knees blow out after just a few weeks at practice? Come solve these problems with some simple fitting ideas and strategies to make one pair of fighting pants outlast the season. Up close and personal fitting demonstration with an up-and-coming knight will be provided. Basic notes will also be provided.
Viscount Sir Matheus Bane The History and Construction of Maille Armour Learn about the history and provenance of different types of maille from the dark ages through the Renaissance. What type of maille is appropriate for your persona? Hands on demonstration of the construction techniques of wedge riveted maille.
Her Majesty Etaine du Pommier How to Look More Period Do you want to cultivate a more period persona? Do you just want one or two things that will make you look more period without spending years of time or tons of money? Ever go to an event thinking, “Wow, I rock, my garb is soooooo fabulous!” and then see somebody in a T-tunic who somehow, some way, manages to look, well, better than you thought you did? Are you longing to have someone come up to you to ask “How do you look like that all the time?” Are you longing to have them ask while you are in your kitchen-grubby-garb? Ever wonder why some people look period and some people don’t?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, this class is for you. (If you didn’t, well, the class is still for you.) There’s a myth that looking “period” is expensive, time-consuming, and difficult. And while it can be, there are also some very easy things you can do to construct a more period look. We will cover six of the moist powerful, and address specific questions as time allows.
Her Majesty Etaine du Pommier Historical Role of Women in the Tournament This class is a brief overview of the role of women in historical tournaments. Did women participate, watch, or were they virtually invisible? What types of women were involved in tournament culture? Did women function as patrons or participants, and if they did, how was that expressed? We will cover topics such as women’s patronage, women as support staff, and whether the role of the consort as we perceive it has historical roots.
Honorable Lady Aldgudana Gunnarsdottir Silk Banner Painting Come and play with the basic techniques of creating your very own silk banner. Students will have access to modern silk banner painting supplies and will leave class with a completed project. Do not forget that you must register for both days of the class. Day one is tracing your design and day two is painting. Please bring a embroidery hoop (12″) if you have one. If you have a line drawing of a design (10″) that you would like to use bring that with you also but there will be designs available also. Class is limited to 10 students each day. Class Fee: $5.00
Crown Princess Gwyneth Gower Helmcrest The medieval tournament evolved in Europe from the 12th Century well into the 16th Century. As a pastime of the nobility the tournament was not only an opportunity to display martial skill but also to show off your wealth. Heraldry and pageantry flourished at this time – including the helm crest. This class will survey different forms, regional variations and popular designs of helm crests. Time will also be spent looking at some re-creations of helm crests and discussing construction techniques and materials for both authentic and SCA combat appropriate helm crests.
Crown Princess Gwyneth Gower & Crown Prince Ieuan Gower 14th Century Soft Kit Regardless of the time period that you wish to display there are key elements that can make or break the portrayal. The class will take advantage of specific period portrayals to analyze including the research methodology used to create the look, the fabric and pattern choices as well as experiment appropriate embellishment. Please bring examples you are working on, questions you have, research materials you are thinking about and anything else you think would contribute to the discussion. While the class will focus primarily on soft kit as a component of a fighting kit the critical lessons hold true for costuming in any period.
Kateline MacFarlane Field Heraldry
Kateline MacFarlane Practical Court Heralding
Isabella Lucrezia Veneziano Roman Soft Kit Class will focus on Roman soft kit and how to apply authentic Roman looks into the SCA fighter context.
Baron Refr Fiachson Sports Nutrition Using Period Food Fighting as it is practiced in the Society is a strenuous exercise with real nutritional requirements. This class focus on modern sports nutrition, and how to achieve a fighter’s nutritional requirements through the use of “period” foods. We will also cover (and sample) some examples of specific foods that were historically associated with heavy labor or fighting.
Sir Arnsbjorn Tiernanson CuRigh Lamellar Armor Construction The class will provide a basis of construction of lamellar body armor for SCA combat for both male and female fighters. We will also discuss the layers of armor under the lamellar, and a brief history of lamellar.
Materials lists: You are welcome to bring in progress projects. I will have several examples of plates there and show the basic lacing techniques.
A hand out of basic information will be provided.
Marquessa Laurellen de Brandevin The Painted Banner Many examples are available with regard to the size, shape, and style of Medieval and Renaissance flags, whether they are heraldic or simply decorative. Many of these banners and flags were not only embroidered and/or appliqued but also painted on linen canvas, silk, and sometimes leather. While embroidered and/or appliqued banners are beautiful, they are also time-consuming. In general, in the middle ages and into the Renaissance, the more popular and much quicker method of banner construction involved painting on the fabric ground. This class will begin with a short survey of exant painted canvas banners; what materials were used, what was done to prepare the fabric, and how the painting was done. Discussion, with examples, will then center on how to re-create painted canvas banners using modern materials with emphasis on reproduciton/mass production. Students will be able to handle both re-created period materials and their modern equivalents. Lab Fee: $2.00
Marquessa Laurellen de Brandevin The Painted Shield Heraldry on the battle and tourney field was often carried on the face of a fighter’s sheild and the shield remains, along with the banner, as a popular method of heraldic disply in the SCA. This class will begin with a short survey of extant painted shields. Discussion will cover the material of the shield, how and what the face was covered with, and how the painting of the shield was accomplished. Discussion, with examples will then center on how to re-create durable painted shields for the rigorous SCA tourney and war field by using both period and modern methods and materials. Students will be able to handle both re-created period materials and their modern equivalents. Lab Fee: $2.00
Honorable Lady Alessandra da Montefeltro Lists 101 – Introduction to Lists This class will cover how to run lists for a tournament of any size, from a backyard tourney with a handful of fighters to an An Tir Crown tournament. Time permitting, we’ll also practice running a mock tournament. The handout includes reference materials and blank lists sheets. Especially recommended for new lists officers, but appropriate for anyone who wants a glimpse behind the scenes.
Honorable Lady Alessandra da Montefeltro Lists 102 – From Paper to Practical This class will be a session to discuss your questions and concerns.
Honorable Lady Lissette de la Rose Waterbearing How to care for your fighter at tourney or at war. This class will look at the logistics of waterbearing for individuals and small groups in multiple secnarios and review common signs of dehydration. For fighters and their insipirations.
Honorable Lord Octar Wolfkiller Turn Shoe Construction I will bring several examples of shoes and boots that I have made. I will also have some of the patterns that you can make copies of.
Men’s size 9 1/2 to 10, 5 ½
Women’s sizes 9 wide, 6 ½
Suggested that you bring the following materials to the class
Note taking materials. Large sheets of pattern making paper if you wish to copy any Patterns. A large flat surface to write or draw on.