Sprint of Kings

So as they rode to the jousts-ward, Sir Kay lost his sword, for he had left it at his father’s lodging, and so he prayed young Arthur for to ride for his sword. I will well, said Arthur, and rode fast after the sword, and when he came home, the lady and all were out to see the jousting. Then was Arthur wroth, and said to himself, I will ride to the churchyard, and take the sword with me that sticketh in the stone, for my brother Sir Kay shall not be without a sword this day. –Le Morte d’Arthur

It’s not enough to make it to the list field; when you arrive you must have your weapon. What happens when you forget? Find out Sunday morning, when you run, scramble, crawl and carry your way from the list field to the armory and back in the first annual Sprint of Kings!

The boring but necessary description part: Sprint of Kings is a short obstacle race which will cover approximately 2 miles. It will NOT be muddy or wet unless it is actually raining at the event. Sample obstacles are: carrying a weight over a set distance, walking a balance beam, and climbing over or crawling under equipment. Participants should wear ordinary workout clothes, running shoes, and whatever protective gear such as gloves or knee- or elbow-pads they feel is appropriate for crawling and climbing. Participants may NOT compete wearing armor. There will be a 5-burpee penalty for not completing any obstacle after trying 3 times. This is on the honor system, but PEOPLE THIS IS SPORT OF KINGS YOU ALL HAVE PLENTY OF HONOR.