In years past there have been a number of tournaments to test a fighter’s mettle. This year there will be 4 heavy combat, and two rapier tournaments (with an additional cut and thrust demo thrown into the mix).


Martial Tournaments and Peerage Meeting Schedule
Martial Tournaments and Peerage Meeting Schedule

Heavy Combat

Squires/Unbelted Tournament

Thursday August 15th at 5pm-8pm
Knights are the Defenders
Squires and Unbelts are the Challengers

Each challenger will fight as many Defenders and Challengers in two timed rounds. Challengers will receive a token for each win that will be collected by their Consort and will be displayed to the defenders at the end of the timed rounds. A limited selection of Challengers will be selected by the Defenders to be invited to the elimination finals.

Tournament of the Rose’s Thorn

Friday August 16th 3pm-5pm

  • A combatant MUST BE SPONSORED by a Companion of the Rose or Companion of the Valorous Estate. Order members need not be present but are allowed only one combatant)
  • Preceding the first bout, fighters must introduce themselves, and present their sponsor including why their sponsor exemplifies royalty and the order.
  • The tournament will be either single or double elimination depending on the number of participants.
  • Weapons format will be sword and buckler with no thrusting. (bucklers will be available for those without).
  • There will be a prize for Best Introduction, Best Death, Most Chivalrous, and the Sponsor of the Victor.

Speed Tournament

photo by Jaime Herrera/James Redbeard

Friday August 16th 5pm-8pm
This is the traditional Sport of Kings speed round. Each combatant will fight 10 bouts with another fighter chosen at random. The Sweet 16 will see the top fighters continue single elimination until the last man standing.

Sport of Kings Grand Champion Tournament

Saturday August 17th, 2pm-6pm
The Grand Champion Tournament has been the top tier challenge for heavy combat competitors who come to Sport of Kings for many years. The hand made Grand Champion’s Cloak is awarded to the winner worthy of this distinction. Word fame follows the fighter throughout the Known World who can take this accolade by prowess and chivalry!

The Grand Championship Tournament is currently being finalized but it will either be a single elimination tournament. Up to an additional two lives can be acquired by participating in the Command and Dedication exercises.

Command: Entrants perform an inspirational piece on the eric Friday night. Each entrant receives a pilgrims badge which entitles them to one additional life in the Grand Champion Tournament. NOTE: No more than one badge per person can be earned by this exercise.

Dedication: A table will be setup that will be manned by Knights and Laurels who consult with fighters throughout the weekend. The purpose is to discuss current gear and encourage improvements to their kits with an eye towards helping them create a plan for “what’s next”. 20 minutes of actual consultation/discussion with the table earns a pilgrims badge for Dedication. This pilgrims badge can be used for an additional life in the Grand Champion Tournament. NOTE: No more than one badge per person can be earned through this exercise.

Rapier Tournaments

Rapier Speed Tournament

Friday 3pm-5pm
Bring your best! The list will run for 45 minutes total with two 5-minute water breaks at the 15 and 40 minute marks. Winners of the fight will hold the field, while the losing combatant will report to Lists. Two erics will be in use. The fighter winning the most bouts shall be determined victorious.

Cut & Thrust Tournament

Friday 5pm-7pm
The art and beauty of Cut and Thrust is that you may have a Roman Legionary fighting a Samurai – a Elizabethan Rapierist against an Italian Longsword Practitioner…the pairings are limitless and entertaining to watch. Come compete in the Sport of Kings first annual Cut and Thrust Tournament! The format will be standard double elimination. Each bout will be best 2 out of 3 passes. The finals will be fought best 3 out of 5. Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat!

Sport of Kings Rapier Grand Tournament

Saturday 3pm-6pm
A tournament that tests the speed, skill, and spirit of all contenders. the best of the best will shine in this double elimination tournament. Finalists will be expected to have heralds and heraldic displays. Finals will be fought best 5 of 7 bouts, and the finalists will be expected to be versed in all forms of rapier combat…