The Accessibility Services team would like to make your attendance at Sport of Kings easier. We will be offering the following services and will be available to help you. Please note, the sooner you let us know your needs, the more likely we will be able to facilitate your requests. Requests made during the event are less likely to be fulfilled, and there will be some needs we are simply unable to accommodate, due to site limitations, but we will try our best. Please feel free to reach out to us at accessibility [AT]

Accessibility Camping

The Accessibility Camping areas are located at both ends of the main tournament field, just off the parking lots.

  • Accessibility Camping is available on a first come, first served basis for you and your household. Please be sensitive to accessibility space limitations at the site so that we may serve as many people as possible.
  • Be aware that there is NO DRIVING on the grass. If you need assistance with your camping equipment, let us know and we will do our best to find assistance for you.

For camping groups under 5 structures, please message accessibility [AT] to reserve your camping spot. For larger groups, you must submit a large group camping pre-registration form. Please indicate on the form that you would like you would like accessibility accommodation. Please note that you are NOT guaranteed space in the Accessibility Camping Area unless you received confirmation from Accessibility Services.

Medical Device/Scooter Recharging

Electrical charging for medical devices and scooters is available at several different locations around site. These charging stations are for charging medical devices and scooters only. Please do not use these to charge personal devices, such as phones. Accessibility Camping and a few other campsites will have limited access to electrical outlets. However, the outlets at this site are very unreliable and prone to blowing fuses if overloaded. Please have a backup source for any electricity needs you might have. Electrical outlets in the Virgin Countess pavilion are not for public use.


The Accessible camping area are located in proximity to the permanent restrooms. There are a limited number of accessible porta-john units in the common areas of the site.

Service Animals

Please note, per site rules all dogs are allowed, regardless if they are a service, emotional support or just the goodest doggos ever!! It should go without saying, but the owner/handler is still responsible for their dog’s behaviors, and the dog is still required to be in the total control of their owner/handler at all times. As always, pick up after your dog and properly dispose of all waste. The SoK staff are not responsible for the behavior or needs of any animal, nor required to provide services for your animal. Please anticipate all your dog’s needs including food/water, poop bags, as well as all other needs such as medication and hygiene.

Accessibility Parking Area

Accessibility parking is available in designated areas of the parking lot on a first come, first serviced basis. You will need to display your state-issued accessiblity license plate/placard/hang tag in your vehicle. Only those with state-issued license plates/placards/hangtags will be allowed to use accessible parking. All vehicles must be parked in either Accessibility Parking or regular parking.

Signing/Silent Heralds

The Signing/Silent Herald service for the hearing impaired may be available for court, if you give us enough advance notice. Please contact Accessibility Services if you are in need of these services, or if you are interested in assisting with Signing/Silent Herald services.